Intuition and impulse , both may appear as ‘ flashes ‘ occurring to mind , without a logical deduction process ; however they differ on the source they come from
o Intuition comes from ‘ inside ‘ – it is a result of wisdom from accumulated & seasoned experience and abilities . It is a refined though conscious sense or feel .
It is the evolution of Unconscious Competence
o Impulsive thought ( Impulse ) on the other hand appears on the surface — like a ripple on a water surface , it has a short life … no reason for being , no reason for ending .
Neither does it come from a deep inside , nor does it create a deeper impact . It does not have a basis , it is just a flash without purpose or connect
It is like a body without a soul
If I have to take an analogy … Impulse and Intuition , both may appear as shiny droplets , for the uninitiated …. Intuition is like a Pearl whereas Impulse is like a water bubble … will not last , but you will not miss when it is not there . Pearl is too precious to be lost