• Charity  … or  call it by whatever respectful name you prefer , a Donation or a Contribution ; have you thought of as to what would qualify as a ‘ good , meaningful ‘ charity .
  • To my mind , there are 3 aspects which make for a ‘ good charity ‘ for it to be effective .

#  As sages have said ; It needs to be a ‘ Satpaatri Daan ‘ … Must not only choose a worthwhile cause but also a                     worthy          receiver . Remember it is not you feeling good about having done a ‘ good deed ‘ by donating                            something , it has to create the intended advantage at the receiver end . No amount of fertilizers , water & labour                  can help grow in a barren land . You need to find an ‘ accepting ‘ if not fertile land for the contribution to take root

# Donation / contribution must be made with purest purpose , with full devotion & not as a transaction of reciprocity                  … a contribution – complete in itself , without any expectation / ROI in mind

#  You must be able to ‘ completely forget ‘ what you gave to whom , the next moment you give it out . Even a trace                  of memory will have strings of expectations & disappointments attached . You should be able to detach with your ‘                  charity ‘ so much that after you donate , if the receiver trashes it with full contempt or ‘ wastes ‘ it or even sells it , it                should not cause even a ripple or a crease on your mind and heart .

  •        Following above 3 qualifiers is also a test of how much you are driven by the cause . If cause is the reason you are doing charity , following above 3 steps will be ‘ natural ‘ to you . However YOU are the reason , you are doing charity ; if you are doing it to project you , you will not understand , what I’ve said above . In true charity — true contribution , you need to surrender to the cause , so that you get dissolved & only the cause remains .
  • Same is true for any contribution we make to Businesses , Individuals , Nation !


  • Dissolving self is a surrender to a cause
  • Many do not understand what surrendering is about … most believe it is either being a subservient or compromising / sacrificing or losing self & therefore rightfully ask … Why ? Is it worth ?
    • Most do not understand what ‘ Surrender ‘ is . They mistake it as being subservient – secondary to some one or a forced sacrifice or an undesirable compromise ; that is why typical questions come to their minds , like : ‘ Why should I / Why should I always compromise ? ‘ , ‘ Why me , why not he /she ? ‘ . This happens because of 2 reasons
      • First big reason is ignorance . They miss the point that ‘ Surrender ‘ is to a cause & not to a person , hence no one really has to surrender to any one else — all should surrender to a cause … therefore the question of Why me / Why not he will disappear
      • Second big reason is ego . Ego prevents us from doing , what otherwise should be simple straight thinking . Till we learn to dissolve our ‘ me ‘ identity , we will not be able to think beyond ‘ me ‘ . The moment we can cross the boundary of ‘ me as someone important ‘ , we can connect with the purpose , the cause .
    • Have you seen sugar dissolving in a glass of milk …. What happens , the sugar disappears , but does the sugar lose its existence by that , far from it . The sugar is recognised by the taste , while it has surrendered to the cause …. You do not like milk unless it is sweet . Sugar hence has added value to the milk
      • Sugar is reborn , is recognised , it is discovered
      • Dissolving for the sugar was for connecting with a larger purpose ( making the milk sweeter for the larger society ) … it was about recognising what is a ‘ Larger Sum ‘ game , what comes first , what is that we want to achieve & therefore , what needs to be done
      • It is just like what JFK had once said : ‘ Ask not what a Nation can do for you , Ask what you can do for the nation ‘
      • For those can reach that higher level of understanding , ‘ understand ‘ what a real ‘ surrender ‘ ( to a cause ) is … it is applicable in any potent relationship : Motherà Child , Husband à Wife , Employee à Organisation , Citizen à Nation
    • Do you have it in you to discover yourself by dissolving yourself
    • Do you want to be the Sugar who chooses to discover itself through Dissolving or would you be the sugar which chooses not to dissolve in the milk to ‘ protect its identity ‘ ? – You have a choice
      • That Sugar , which is transactional , will always ask : ‘ What is in it for me ? ‘ , ‘ why should I do it ? ‘ ‘ Why should I ( always ) sacrifice ? ‘ … this sugar never realises its full potential , because to protect its ‘ identity ‘ it will never make a milk sweet
      • That Sugar which connects with the larger purpose , attains ‘ Nirvana ‘ … she is the one who is fulfilled , having reached its full potential & adding joy to larger community … it hardly matters whether she is ‘ seen ‘ — she is always there !

Believer v/s Disbeliever



If you ask me what I’m asking you , I’d say everyone needs to be both : A Believer and a Disbeliever ( Skeptic )  On this , people who believe that the world has to be either black or white will turn disbeliever here by dismissing what I’m saying … they may legitimately want to know  : How . To me the question is not How , but When .

The answer to the right question : When will be you be a believer & when a disbeliever , is as follows :


You need to be a believer while ‘ Absorbing ‘ . You need to keep aside all doubts , skepticism , criticism and intently listen with full faith and devotion , when you are receiving knowledge , message or anything . Don’t dismiss or disregard anything or pass judgement when you are receiving . If you don’t do this , you will lose something without knowing how critical was it for you ; don’t even think … if you have any thought process interefering the reception , you will not even know what you lose . Like a sponge soak in everything ; time to squeeze out unwanted part is later , not now


Be a skeptic while ‘ Accepting ‘ Do not take anything for granted , don’t take anything on face value including yourself . Pass all that you have just absorbed through a sieve of Facts and Logic . Don’t decide or act on anything till you validate and ascertain . Be sure before you adopt and make it a part of your system . Remember ‘ Cow model ‘ in eating . She takes in all that she can without questioning or sifting . When she has nore time later , the food from stomach is brought back to to take time to ‘ chew ‘ , before that is assimilated into the system

The problem is that many of us follow a reverse sequence : They dismiss while absorbing , which is one mistake since they do not know what they are threw out and then they believe what they have absorbed , which is the second mistake since what they accepted is not validated . This way they only perpetuate what they believe to believe .

I urge you follow the right sequence … or is there any otehr , better way ; Please share with me



Punascha Hari Om — I’m back

Dear all
I was keen to share my thoughts , experiences and create meaningful exchanges , when I started this blog 3 years back .
I will always be keen to be visible and accessible with my blogs ; however my work pattern over past 1 & 1/2 years just got better of me in me not getting to blog for these 18 months , much against my wish
I just couldn’t get to get my ( electronic ) pen to paper … this is unacceptable and the fault is entirely mine . On this great occassion of India’s Republic day , I reconnect on the blog with a resolve that you will see me here adding value at least once every week .
To begin with I’m sharing with you my latest reflection — a new thought on Believer v/s Dis believer