I’m very happy to see you here & want you to feel at home  !

I feel obligated & elated at the same time to inaugurate my new blog under the Value Enhancer title — which happens to be its founding purpose .

I’ve always worked with the conviction throughout my 26 +years of Corporate career & almost twice as much of a life journey , that the best purpose for any pursuit — which cuts across any initiative in any domain — is to  ” ADD VALUE  ”  . One can add value to Product , Person , Process …. to almost anything ( P or not to P , is not the question ! ) If the aspect / object / event , I am associated with is different & better because of  me , then I have added value . If it’s unchanged with or without me , then I’m irrelevant to the context .

The whole purpose of a life journey is about enhancement , beginning with self .  The incessant urge is to be a ‘ better person ‘ tomorrow than what I’m today ; every day , starting today . If we can achieve this , everything else will fall in place 

With this conviction , all that I do — whether Coaching , Consulting , Teaching , Writing , Development workshops — is to do with ‘ Enhancement Space ‘  . I proudly call myself as a Value Enhancer in what must be a rarer if not unique title . My recent graduation as a Professional Certified Coach ( PCC ) is a conscious reinforcement in that direction .

I promise to augment my blog site regularly ( at least fortnightly ) with thoughts , notes , experiences which will bring in a value add under different sections : Coaching , Consulting , Management , Development initiatives etc .

For thoughts outside these domains , I’ve another blog : yatinsamantoneworld.blogspot.com

However quite obviously , the Enhancement journey is quite incomplete without your participation & enrichment which is brought in through interaction . I earnestly encourage you to visit this site regularly & share your thoughts , supplementation , experiences .

Above all , I’m a strong believer & practitioner of  Collaboration …. I’ve done that even with what people conventionally refer to as competition.

My Blog Home intentionally does not have doors , it’s a free entry ; if you don’t find me there , please leave a message & I’d get back to you . Remember , to add value to me , you’ve no compulsion to agree with me on any matter .

Welcome again & please help me in my journey to enhancement , for self & for others . See you soon 



One thought on “About

  1. Thanks Dhruv for your time & encouragement .

    good post on Cartesian coordinates- liked the concept . There is no absolute zero.

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