• Money is neither good nor bad . It is our intent and application which makes it appear coloured . It is important to understand how is money connected with each of us – what role it plays in our life
  • There are 2 categories of people : (i) One for whom Money is the reason of their work , (ii) There are others for whom Money is the result of their work
  • Money as Reason
    o Without ascribing any judgmental adjectives ( Good or Bad ) to the focus of these people , it is always on money … they work only because it gives them money ; even if they hate , they will come to office everyday because they get salary at the end of the month ( e.g. House maid , who runs from one house to another just in order that she doesn’t miss to go to a house so that she doesn’t lose money
    o Quite logically their focus being only on getting money , it is clearly not on work . It’s an activity they need to go through in a simplistic numerical connection to getting money , there is no connection with Purpose . Ask your maid what her work is , she is more likely to say it is brooming , dusting , swabbing ( all activities ) …. But not as ‘ Cleaning House ‘ , which is the purpose which is why the ‘ activities ‘ have been requisitioned . The approach remains very clearly – transactional .
    o Logically further , since the focus is never on work or the purpose behind , efforts are not driven to create a quality output , which remains average & doesn’t improve
    o Since there is no time , there is no time for self upgradation , so skills of these people remain where they are ; obviously “ what got them here will not take them further “
    o Market pays for ‘ Value ‘ . Since there is no value creation , eventually money does not come to those who run after money
    o In my ( Maid to Mother ) terminology , this category of people is ‘ Maids ‘
  • Money as Result
    o Since money is not the reason why these people work , the reason must be something else .. it is the Cause , a Purpose , which makes the pursuit , sustainable ( & worthwhile )
    o Since the focus is on the cause , the output is likely to be good . Since the pursuit is endless , the person gets better and better at it and eventually attains mastery at it
    o Since pursuit is of a cause , self upgradation becomes essential and natural
    o There is a huge ‘ Value creation ‘ & since the market pays for value , there is a lot of money in it … in effect money follows those who do not follow money
    o In my ( Maid to Mother ) terminology , this category of people is ‘ Mothers ‘

…. What do you feel , which side of Money you want to be , Reason or result ? It is a choice you need to make .


3 thoughts on “ROLE OF MONEY IN LIFE

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  2. Excellent post. While it made me think on which side I fall, but it also made me think how environmental factors may contribute towards a person falling in a specific group. Taking the same example as above. If a Maid receives a job offer at the house of a celebrity (say a Bollywood star), will her attitude towards work be same? Here she may be shifting her group to “Money as a Result”!! Reason: she gets recognition and may be more pay as well.

    In the same way a working person’s job may be boring/repetitive and may leave lesser scope for improvisation and growth. In such a scenario, a person will continue to remain in the Money as Reason group. Personally, I would strive to be in an environment that allows me to be in “Money as a Result” group.

    Again, great thoughts !!

    • Dear Subhayan
      Thanks for your comments … I saw them late ( today ) , my apology .
      While I admire your thoughts , I disagree with your line of thinking . The ‘ type ‘ of a person I’m referring to ( Money as Reason or Result ) is more ” Constitutional ‘ than Circumstantial . It has to do with how you are & what your outlook to life is . These things get ‘ formed and frozen ‘ earlier in your formative years … thereafter it is difficult to change . Your behaviour in different circumstances only gets guided by ‘ what you are ‘
      It’s like you are either a Sugar or Salt …. circumstances & what you are mixed with does not change your characteristics .
      I have another original concept of a Maid or a Mother … it is constitutional … a choice made & frozen much early in life . You’d know that how a maid responds will be different from how a mother does …. in any circumstance .
      If we get a chance to meet , I’d spend time with you to provide more clarity on this . Thanks once again for your time and interest .

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