• Coaching is about creating awareness for the Client , bringing in meaningful realisations & help client get new insights . It may hence appear more knowledge focused — but Coaching is not preaching , hence it’s not about ‘ knowledge creation ‘  as an end objective ; but about it’s about application , it’s about maximising client advantage in reaching pre set goals . That requires action .
  • Coaching is action oriented . Action is the catalyst to creating change .
    • Action helps forward movement , procrastination is deceleration
  • Coaching interactions are not about delivery of words , it’s about transmission of thoughts – which can help clarity , create awareness , shift perspective , bring in realization … in turn creating action
  • Action is a sense of progression in the desired direction , absence of which is stagnation .
    • Abraham Lincoln is said to be standing in front of a mirror every day asking self a question : “ Am I a better person today , than yesterday ? “  …  he was symbolically emphasizing importance of progression , positive change  .
  • Action orientation exhibits : Clarity , focus , self esteem and confidence . It’s diffidence , fear , limiting beliefs , confusion or uncertainty which stops us from action . Precisely , these are the barriers to progress , which a Coach helps a Client to overcome
  • As a coach we need to help client keep action focus , it’s our obligation to challenge client on any of untenable assumptions or excuses which are not helping the client to move forward .
    • Help client see a different , fresher perspective , a compelling vision ; which can open options for better , faster action .


  1. Many confuse coaching with “advice” or eve counselling. you have brought out teh essence of what coaching is all about. indeed it is about Action … and only Action! 🙂

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