Past Tense or Future Lens — What’s your choice

•Carryover from the past can be a burden , especially when unpleasant – not only that it causes pain but may make forward journey difficult . • In one of his lectures , I heard Deepak Chopra mentioning about the choice one has to make … ” Either be a victim of the past or be a pioneer of change ” • Does it mean we ‘ trash ‘ our entire past — not at all , but we need to decide what we choose from that o We can’t simultaneously live in 2 time zones . As much as we choose to be in the past , we can’t be a part of the future . o That’s why I always emphasize ” Carry not Regrets from the past , carry only the Learning ” • To rid of unnecessary baggage , awareness is required . o We need to observe & reflect on what we are doing ( probably by default ) … what are we carrying , why & the key decider question to ask : Does it help us & how ? o Imagine your mind space as a physical space, if it is congested with dumping of dead packages , where is a breathing room for a fresh thought — We need to clean up the room first ! o Letting go — not hold on to things which are either gone , irrelevant or do not help is an essential prerequisite for progress o It is detachment from desires & non fixation with outcome ; remaining focused on the duty ( Gita says the same thing ) . • As a coach one needs to be observant of any baggage client is carrying , making him / her aware of it , especially when it is affecting journey forward . • Getting rid of baggage of thoughts , assumptions , attachments will make client more flexible on issues & his/ her mind freer for thinking of options . • To be responsible , to be accountable for our actions we need to be clear on what we want & focused on our sense of direction .

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