Significance of committment

  • Commitment starts in the mind  – much before it finds a visible translation . It is about things we consider are appropriate & need to be done ; however it doesn’t become a commitment until our heart buys in – when it becomes , things we want to do
    • Without involvement ( of heart ) it’s actually a non sustainable ritual we force ourselves into
  • Commitments need to be strongly rooted in our underlying beliefs , without which it cannot sustain
  • Actions which we commit to , become ‘ systemic ‘ … something which we neither need to push ourselves hard on or those we need to be reminded on .
    • In a way commitment , is parallel to being between the stages of conscious competence to unconscious competence .
  • Commitment is binary : It’s either there ( 100 % ) or not there ( 0 % ) , anything less than 100 % is ‘ trying ‘ , not a commitment
  • Just as in relationships , in tasks too it’s not possible to be committed to many at the same time . This is where we need top prioritise depending on what we need & what we want .
  • Following through on commitments is important to build confidence , trust , credibility
  • To be able to commit to anything , we need to first commit to ourselves & our well being .

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