Coaching Reflection :Responsibility — Sense of ownership

  • Responsibility is about ‘ owning up ‘  .When one has it he / she does not need to be told what to do, each time .No amount of checklists , reminders can really make up for the absence of sense of responsibility .
  • It’s a position of strength , it presupposes that the control is in your hand . Blaming others is a position of weakness as it presupposes that nothing was in your hand .
  • The lever / control center for sense of responsibility is ‘ internal ‘ to us ; it’s when we don’t have ( or lose ) it , we give up control to an ‘ external ‘ source – which is when we blame others .
  • Responsibility needs to be self driven – can’t be thrust or given in inheritance — which is when it becomes a burden .
  • Sense of responsibility is beyond a transaction – it’s an approach to life .
  • Taking responsibility has focus on task accomplishment , blaming which has to do with ‘ explaining ‘ failures – has focus on self ( to absolve ) . Taking responsibility is to want to shape future , blaming is getting stuck in the past .
  • Taking responsibility hence begins with self belief .
  • As much as lack of sense of responsibility is ; an inflated sense of responsibility too is bad …. it’s where one tends to believe that he/ she is in control of everything in the universe — which is not only untrue , but will not only lead to misplaced arrogance . Like blaming others , self blaming too is negative , it dwells into the past .
  • ‘ Being responsible ‘ is needed  , not just the  ‘ thought of being responsible ‘ , which is just a barren mental burden

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