3 Things about Coaching

This is with a priory disclaimer for  other practitioners & Academicians , what I’m going to say below — while it may have been helped by nourishment of prior thoughts from various sources — it may not conform to any ‘ formal definitions ‘ or ‘ technically correct ‘ textbook matter .

I have a habit of doing ‘ Cow chewing model ‘ on my thought process , where I absorb various thoughts , gulp down , bring them up for re chewing –reflect / analyse / connect & assimilate by way of developing ‘ my own understanding  ‘ on the subject , in my own words.

Here is the one on coaching — not all of below is original , some certainly is; nevertheless interesting, all the same : 3 things about coaching :

# 3 essential ingredients of coaching are : Coachee, Coach , Coaching ambiance

# 3 founding stones coaching practice should use : Client focus , Action orientation , Capacity building

# 3 As of coaching process :

(i) Awareness : A coach needs to bring in an awareness in the coachee about him/ herself , circumstances , goals & knowledge ( including knowing , what is not known )

(ii) Ascertainment : Help coachee soul search & establish what he/ she really wants / what makes him / her happy , what his / her beliefs , values are , perspective & options

(iii) Action application : No amount of knowledge / wisdom is useful , unless applied in the direction of the desired goal with the necessary passion


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