Values & Beliefs

Values  & Beliefs …. seem very close , but I think distinction exists , however thin  . My understanding is that,  Values are kind of guidelines one has ( a self understood sense of Right , Wrong ) , whereas beliefs are what we believe as true ( valid for us ) like convictions . In a way values also have to be beliefs ( convictions ) though they go beyond being ( mere ) beliefs & actually guide or channel our behaviour — it’s a ‘ fall back ‘ mechanism of our conscience .

I tend to use analogies as they help clarity on a point . If I can take analogy here from science ; Values to me are ‘ Vectors ‘ ( which have a sense of direction ) & beliefs are like ‘ Scalers ‘ ; both may have the same weight ( quantum ) , but  ‘Values’  in addition have direction .

If we take values as guidelines & not as virtues ( good / bad ) , in that sense , I suppose everyone — including a criminal or a politician — has ‘ Values ‘


2 thoughts on “Values & Beliefs

    • Thanks Rohini . I’ve observed that often always , using analogy makes the point more illustrative & makes for greater clarity for the recipient ( easy to digest ). I often use analogies in my interactions .

      I’ve created different sections on this blogpage , as much your time & interest allows you , you could browse & I’d encourage you to even put in your thoughts / views which may be different .
      I generally update this every 15 days .

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