Role of Values


# Each of us has a set of values – stated / unstated ; in conscious awareness / subliminal , which act as anchors to our behaviours , it has to do with our sense of what is right / wrong , what is / is not good .

# Our values guide our behavior . Whatever we do , each of us has a sense , deep within , of  whether we what did was ‘ right ‘ or ‘ wrong ‘ regardless of the ‘ face ‘ we put up for the world . If what we do is right / aligned with our values & belief system , there is a kind of an equilibrium in our mind , which makes us feel comfortable or happy . If we don’t reach this equilibrium , deep inside we feel unhappy & continue to struggle till we reach that equilibrium .

# It’s hence important for us to know what our values are & seek greater alignment in our behavior , so that we don’t carry a burden on our chest of too many ‘ non- equilibrium ‘ situations

# Knowing & aligning behaviours with our values not only helps a balanced , peaceful mind for seeking &   imparting greater insights for the client , but also affords clarity on our path to guide others we coach .

# For organisations system of Values , Culture by guiding employee behaviour , act as a systemic check . To me Values & Culture make for a better , non-stifling control mechanisms for evolved organisations , compared to conventional control mechanisms . Conventional control mechanisms are more tactical / transactional , can’t be comprehensive , are punitive & have more ‘ physical element ‘ to it … in the sense they tend to control more our bodies than our minds … certainly not souls . Controls through culture work more on mind / psyche , are systemic , comprehensive , more proactive & hence are more sustainable ,


One thought on “Role of Values

  1. Agree Yatin. To be aware of what one’s value system is a huge step. Interestingly, creating this awareness itself becomes a challenge especially when there are conflicting value systems.Being able to balance these conflicting values is an ability required to create stability to one’s way of life.

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