Sharing Couch 1 : Social Entrepreneurship Summit

Was invited today to attend Social Entrepreneurship Summit , organized by Future Competency seminars & events .  Here is sharing with you a few points from my notes . Would be glad to have your reflections :


Mr. Ramesh Ramanathan
The Founder and Chairman of Janalakshmi, he has a proven track record in addressing many of the issues faced by urban India. He possesses an Honors degree in Physics from BITS Pilani, and an MBA from Yale University’s School of Management. He has co-authored the book “Urban Poverty Alleviation in India,” and is a champion for the advocacy of poverty-related and public governance issues.

 Dr John Demartini

has over 39 years of experience in educating individuals, corporate teams and leaders. Founder of Demartini Institute which has developed methodologies and action steps to help break through whatever is in the way of taking your life to the next level of success, offers 72 different curriculum. Has read close to 30000 books & authored 40 books . Reading , researching , teaching , travelling ( 360 days / year ) are his passions .

Jeff Slayter

This dynamic entrepreneur lives, studies and works to inspire others to become exceptional. High-octane delivery, natural charisma, and authenticity enable Jeff to connect with people to create extraordinary breakthrough results.

Kane Minkus
10 years ago Kane Minkus was working hard for little pay and sleeping on a friend’s couch. Since then he’s built 5 multi-million dollar businesses and helped people all over the world open the floodgates of sustainable wealth.

Salient Points

Mr. Ramesh Ramanathan
With examples of his decision on marriage & of leaving career to come back to India , made following points for success :

-Importance of high clarity on what one wants ( to know what is most important priority in life )

-Sheer application . Persistently pursue the most important priority in life .

-Positivity : There always be a mix of 20:20:60 of good : bad: Indifferent people anywhere . You have a choice between complaining or doing something ; see  ‘ What I can do ‘

Dr John Demartini

Spoke about identifying & pursuing inner desire / highest value:

-There is no dearth of opportunity or money if you have a desire to serve humanity

-For sustainable enterprise , need to get out of comfort zone & explore & expand horizons

-To pursue intrinsic value / highest value ( when you see Cause  > Obstacle ) , one doesn’t need to be driven externally or reminded to do . For extrinsic value — something low on priority for the person , he / she needs to be pushed , cajoled — needs external motivation ( A child doesn’t need to be cajoled into playing video games but often requires push for doing home work )

– Accessing the inner core / desire helps access vitality , energy  . In pursuing the inner desire a person endures all the pain , efforts .

-While pursuing inner desire , there will be people who’d support & those who’d challenge . For progress , both elements are essential .

-In the areas of your inner desire / highest value , you are an entrepreneur , innovator / creator . In fact instead of spending significant amounts on in search of innovations , Organisations are better advised to find & employ people whose highest value ( passion ) is aligned with organizational goals & let them pursue their desire — they will innovate .

-Successful entrepreneurs do 3 things : (i) Unflinching dedication to cause ( they take it as divine order / destiny , without option ) (ii) Raise the bar in serving the cause (iii) Meaningful exchange of value : Find people who will be inspired by the output of Entrepreneur’s pursuit of his / her inspiration .

– It’s when we do not find our inner magnificence ( not pursue inner desire ) is when we are obligated to work for what others want us to do .

Jeff and Kane

Spoke on essential points to become a successful social entrepreneur :

-For people to do business with you – (i) Dress well (ii) Engage people (iii) Need to be interesting / fun for people to be associated with you (iv) Partner with best in class (v) Give ahead of asking , to influence

-To make money globally , think globally

-Be out in the front ( positional advantage ) for visibility

-What you teach – you become

-Money is more units of choice

-A social entrepreneur does not see what it is , but what it can be

-Engage ALL your resources , not just money ( importance of involvement & commitment )

-What you put your attention to – expands

-When people pay , they pay attention  ( no value when it is free )

– Successful social entrepreneurs : (i) Engage everybody (ii) Keep it consistent (iii ) Make it a part of everyday strategy


2 thoughts on “Sharing Couch 1 : Social Entrepreneurship Summit

  1. Learning the depths of Social Entrepreneurship has
    made me realize many things in my own life. I have been
    taking the wrong approach towards life which took me towards
    the path I never wanted to take in the first place. Beginning
    with the crystal clear clarity about my goals and taking every
    one I know into consideration is the next step I intend to take
    very seriously.

  2. Thanks Roger for sharing your thoughts . I do update my blog every 15 days but seem to have missed your comment … my deepest apology .
    Would invite you to regularly share your thoughts & experiences , I promise quicker interactions in future . All the best to you !

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