Pearls -1 :Eye for We

With this I wish to start a new section , which will be our space for sharing quick wisdom lines , realisations , quotes — some mine , some yours , some hearsay .

Here is the inaugural one on  Eye for We ( I  v/s  We ) Much has been said about cultivating ‘ We ‘ more than ‘ I ‘ & various ways have been prescribed to achieve this & various stories shared to highlight its virtues .

But nothing beats this , which I recently heard from one of my colleagues , which is much more striking in highlighting the difference , than whatever I’ve heard before . This is obviously borrowed , not my original ; but am very proud to share from my Blog . It says ….

See what great difference it makes to life when you substitute I by We , in the word  ‘ Illness  ‘   —- it takes you to the other end of the spectrum in  ‘ Wellness  ‘      — WOW  ! 


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